Boris and Bongo

Boris & Bongo the Alpacas – Hopefiled Rescue - Essex

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Hopefield received a phone call from a man asking us to rescue two Alpacas. The story was that he had been away on holiday and left Boris & Bongo in someone else’s care and when he came back they were in a very unhealthy state.

Boris and Banjo

He didn’t know how to get them better and didn’t have the time to spend with them to restore them back to health.   We were able to step in and help and take these Alpacas into our loving care.  When they arrived we had an added surprise that there were in fact 3 Alpacas!

When they came out of the trailer we saw the absolute terrible condition they were in. They had really bad mange, open sores and nasty eye infections. We worked closely with our vet who quickly treated them.  

We were not sure if we could save Boris’s eye but Hopfield’s brilliant vet after intensive treatment and medication 6 times a day managed to heal him and saved his eye!

You can now find them happily living their lives amongst the rest of our alpaca herd. 

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