Thanks to Wetnose

Pact Animal in Norwich

“Thank you for the £1,850 which is going towards our new wildlife hospital, it was nice to meet you and hope you come again.”


Hallswood Animal Sanctuary Norwich

“Thank you so much for your visit and giving us hay several times for our horses and cat food for our 140 cats, come again soon.”

Foxy Lodge Hemsby, Norfolk

“Thank You so much for thinking of us and helping with our new wildlife shelter, your £650 will be most helpful.”


Alexandra Bastedo Champions Animal Sanctuary Sussex

“Thank you so much Wetnose for your kind donations and for coming to visit us on our Open Day.”

Alexandra Bastedo

Alternative Animal Sanctuary Lincs

“Thank You Wetnose for being so kind and helping with a donation, lovely to meet you and show you all the horses and other animals.”

Tamara Lloyd

Wagtails Essex

“Thank you so much for helping Ruby with your donation.”


Hillside Animal Sanctuary Norfolk

“Thank you Wetnose for your kind donation, it really helps us to continue with all out work, glad you enjoyed the visit.”

Wendy Valentine

German Shepherd Rescue

“Thank you Wetnose for your help and donation and also for taking on 2 of our GSD’s Tammy and Archie, donations mean we can carry on with our work.”

Jayne Shenton

Mare & Foal Sanctuary Devon

“Thank you for your £1,000 donation it really is lovely to receive this kind donation so we can help pay off some of our vets bill.”

Rosemary Kind

Willows Animal Sanctuary Scotland

“Thank you Wetnose for your kind donation mean a lot especially to the animals.”

Kate Robinson

Doris Banham Dog Rescue

“Thank you so very much for the £4,500 we received from you, gosh words are just not enough sometimes, this will really help.”

Pussy Cat Lodge Essex

“Thank you for your support and kindness this mean so much to all of us, especially the animals.”

Dartmoor Pony Rescue

“Thank you Wetnose for your £1,000 donation this really will help us kick start our training workshop off.”

Natalie Torr

Animals in Need Northampton

“Thank you Andrea for all your help and support, your donation means a lot.”

Roy Marriott

Paws Animal Sanctuary Sussex

“Thank you Wetnose for all the good work you are doing helping animals, I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and it doesn’t get any easier, much appreciated.”

Stacey McSpirit

Friends of Strays of Greece

“Thank you Andrea and Gavin from Wetnose your £1,500 donation will help many animals on the islands of Greece.”

Lyn Purdon

Animal Kingdom Philippines

“Gavin your help and support during your visit and your generous £3,000 donation is just fantastic thank you from us all here in the Philippines, hope you enjoyed your trip.”

Charles Wartenburg

Safe Haven for Donkeys West Sussex

“Thank you Wetnose for your generous donation of £2,000, much appreciated and will help our donkeys.”


Greek Animal Rescue London

“Wetnose you’re wonderful people thank you for helping Greek animals.”


International Aid for Korea Animals

“Thank you for your generous and very special donation of £2,000.”

Yoon Kerr

Soi Dog Foundation Thailand

“Hello Gavin and thank you for your donation of £1,000 this is wonderful news.”

John Dalley

Ace Animal Care Egypt

“Andrea your donation for £4,000 is just wonderful thank you for your support, lovely to meet you both.”

Julie Wartenburg (Founder)

Animals Algarve Portugal

“Wetnose thank you so much for your £500 donation, much appreciated.”

Vickee Taylor

Wetnose message on Twitter

“So thrilled & delighted 2 give @Nowzad @PenFarthing donation £3,500 have been over there & seen them all work so hard in harsh conditions. Lovely team…”

Algarve Cat Rescue Portugal

“Wow the cat play station is wonderful thank you Wetnose just what they need to play on.”

Vickee Taylor

Hugletts Wood Farm

“The Cattle Feed is perfect for the cows thank you Wetnose.”

Wenda Shehata

Pro-Animals Tg-Jiu, Gorj, Romania

“Thank you so much for all the boxes of goodies sent to us and for all the money donations, all the animals need your support.”


Heronfield Animal Centre Knowle, Solihull

“Buying animal food for us really helps keep our bills down, any help is most welcome thanks Wetnose.”

Mitch Withey

The Algernon Trust Whittlebury

“Thank you for paying £200 off our vets bill, great to know Wetnose is able to help when needed.”


Cavyrescue Rochester, Kent

“A big thank you for giving us £250 for our vets bills, it really helps us re-home rats and other small animals.”

Stella Hulott

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

“At last a moment to officially thank you for your very kind donation of £200, there are many animals here in Nepal that need so much, this will help with our spaying programme.”

Juliette Cuncliffe

Rescue Remedies Essex

“Thank you for the £200 towards our vet’s bill, we always try and help Staffies so our bills are high but from Lynn De Costa and myself thanks for your support.”

Sharon Reynolds

Walk with Donkeys Crete

“Thank you Wetnose for your paypal donations it’s not easy getting donations over here, hay over here is now is getting so expensive so every donation counts.”

Suzanne Barbour

Animal Ark Rabbit & Guinea Pig Centre Inverness

“Paying off our vet’s bills means so much as I can now pay for a new rabbit hutch and run thank you Wetnose.”

Susan Grant

Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue

“Thank you so much Wetnose for £1,000 donation.”


Mill House Animal Sanctuary

“Thank you so much for your generous donation of £300, our founding sisters join me in sending you our heartfelt thanks.”

Chris Hart

Animals Asia

“Andrea thank you so much for the £4,500 donation given to us after the Rock for Rescue concert, this means so much too us, thank you.”

Jill Robertson

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