Andrea and Sue went to see the film “Broken” about the brick kiln donkeys in Egypt, the other day in London, lovely to see Peter Egan again and all those involved. Have given a £1,000 donation to help, please see the film clip below and share.

Sue our Wetnose shop manager and Wendy from Safe Haven.

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Kratu Christmas Cards

Kratu Christmas Cards

If you are going to buy any cards please buy Kratu ones (our ambassador Kratu was rescued from Romania) and help support Wetnose Animal Aid proceeds to

Let’s get Kratu cards out there! Help brighten up people, homes with his wonderful smile and help rescues by doing it. Order yours now before they sell out.

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WETNOSE ANIMAL AID was set up in the year 2000, with a group of volunteers as a non-profit Ltd Company and trade mark 3124133 by Andrea & Gavin Gamby-Boulger who have worked with horses and ran a boarding/dog rescue Centre for 13 years in Norfolk; they sold their kennels to set up Wetnose Animal Aid to help other Rescue Centres who need more support.

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Animal Rescue Centres are really struggling with so many demands

Little Nest Rescue

Poor little Merry unfortunately couldn’t wait to have his teeth done with the rest of the herd. This little lump meant an urgent call to the vets this morning and a visit from our lovely vet Danny from Andrew Mellings Vets. He had two teeth out today and antibiotics for his abscess that had burst under his tongue.

Merrys deterioration in eye sight and general health last year meant we made the decision to keep him at the rescue to care for his more complex needs. If you would like to help look after Merry at the rescue please consider making a one off donation for his vet care or you can sponsor him and help support his care all year round.

Many Rescue Centres have very complex and urgent cases on a weekly basis, so many animals coming in because people can no longer afford to look after them properly. Cats, Dogs, Ponies, horses, rabbits, snakes, birds, and our Rescue Centres have to work twice as hard to fundraise. Animal feed, vets bills, equipment, incubators, heat lamps it all costs a lot of money, plus Insurances.

Silver Fox Rescue

We are a dedicated team, who rescue and rehabilitate dogs in a foster home environment. Where they are fully assessed around the family’s other dogs, cats and general day to day living. We help in situations where a dog cannot stay in their home due to situations out of the owner’s control, such as bereavement/health issues, financial issues, housing issues etc.

Also we will step in and help with the more difficult situations such as neglect and abuse. Our dogs are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before going to homes following a successful home check.

Wetnose Animal Aid Ltd is a non-profit company, for the last 25 years we have raised funds to help the smaller Rescues all over the UK. If you can help us to help them please donation on our website or send a cheque to: Wetnose Animal Aid Ltd, 2 Wells Terrace, Bungay Road, Stockton, Norfolk, NR34 0HR.

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Can you imagine leaving your animals behind?

Wetnose Animal Aid is raising funds for the animals, for some people that is all they have left!

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