Boy - ACE in Egypt

Boy the dog

This is ‘Boy’ whom we did rescue from the streets as he was bullied and beaten by every pack of dogs that he encountered! He decided the stairs of my home building was the safest place he could find in Luxor so we offered him a permanent home at ACE. There are many stray and many owned free roaming dogs in our area and we do as much free neutering as possible. So to get your generous donation of £2,000 to help with neutering dogs is wonderful news.

If only someone would open a rescue/ rehoming centre in Luxor we do what we can but our main focus is the hospital of course.

The locals here are not on the whole in agreement with neutering so it is difficult to convince owners to neuter rather than dump bags of kittens or puppies in dumpsters where they are then ‘In Gods Hands’….so we have our work cut out to educate children that neutering would be a great and sensible (let alone a humane) solution.

We are VERY happy to report that just this week we have been very encouraged as a local hotel on the west bank side of Luxor have been assisting us to TNR their local cats….yipeeee!

Bless you Andrea and your team of volunteers for all you do for animals worldwide, the £3,000 will help us to Neuter more kittens.

Kim X X (team ACE in Egypt)

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