Fires in Turkey

Wetnose Animal Aid is raising funds for animals in Turkey:

Fires are still ravaging parts of southern Turkey as temperatures continued to soar amidst low humidity despite extra crews and personnel being drafted in.

We noticed a significant increase in firefighting units and crews as they battled to contain huge fires which have now moved to Turkevleri.

The crews are urgently trying to stop the flames spreading a few kilometres away to one of the main power stations in the area which provides electricity to more than half a million people.
We want to express my extreme respect for all the very brave men and women who are fighting these devastating fires. All the volunteers who are trying to save as many animals as possible and to all the simply amazing vets who are working day and night to alleviate the suffering for the poor animals who have been burned and suffering with smoke Inhalation – We have seen such awful pictures of seriously burned animals (too upsetting to show you) and it’s simply heart breaking.

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