Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool

During lockdown a French Bulldog called Bonnie was brought to the Liverpool centre following the death of her owner.

Freshfields Animal Rescue

We are currently closed to new admittances of dogs as rehoming is halted and we are working with skeleton staff trying to provide the dogs already in our care with enough attention and exercise, however when we heard of Bonnie’s plight we could not turn her away.

Poor Bonnie is not in the best condition; she is very underweight, lame and is also suffering from an ear infection and skin condition. She looks confused and defeated but thankfully she is now safe and finally receiving all of the medication she needs.
During these difficult times we can only continue to help dogs like Bonnie with your invaluable support. Each donation you give, no matter how small contributes towards special food, medication and treatment.

Please note that Bonnie is not available for adoption as we need to spend some time getting her back to full health. When she is available she will be listed on our website so please do not call the rescue about her until then. We cannot accept any enquiries at this stage.


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