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As some of you are aware we rescued 2 year old Esme last week from a balcony, she has been there for 2 years alone and with very little human contact but despite her plight Esme is so loving and kind.
Esme was covered in urine scalds, her eyes were crusty, infected and sore and she also leaked urine constantly. Our vets needed to do further investigations as to why.

She was outside in a tiny box with no shelter, it was freezing, she was covered in urine burns, faeces, her eyes were crusty and dry, she had a skin infection and was very underweight Apparently she has been continuously mated but hasn’t taken, so obviously was of no use to her owners anymore.

It took a mammoth effort to get her which involved another lady putting up the £800 her owners wanted to buy her from their druggy hands so she would be safe.

Today we have some insight as to what is wrong with her and unfortunately not the news we had hoped for, Esme has renal failure, and is very anaemic and poorly. We are absolutely devastated. The vets asked if we wanted to try and treat her or let her go. We have to give her a second chance.
It’s uncertain yet as to whether or not this is congenital anomalies or caused by neglect

They have started her on a drip tonight to try and lower her creatinine and ketone levels to stabilise her. She’s had ultrasound imaging today, normally you have 3 layers to your kidney and the margins can be clearly identified. Esme’s aren’t they are so damaged it’s hard to tell the difference in layers which is bad.

The plan is to firstly see if we can lower the levels to keep her alive to be able to investigate further what’s wrong. They aren’t sure yet if it’s secondary to infection, cancer, or something she was born with. I’m asking you all to keep our little girl in your prayers and pray that whatever is wrong we can treat her. We have recently had two fundraiser’s for her, one ourselves raising just over £800 and Frank and Jelly’s have raised £1000 . We are eternally grateful to Sarah Robinson for her help.

Currently today Esme bill is £1200 for today only, we have lots more to do, not limited (if she pulls through) to her kidneys. Her eyes also need operating on for Entropion. We are looking at between £4000-£5000 as a rough guess.

I know times are really tough at the moment and we are so grateful to everyone that has donated already to save this little girls life, because let’s face it that’s what you guys are, you are the life savers
If you could spare the price of a coffee to help us help Esme we would be so grateful. Wetnose Animal Aid will also be raising funds for Esme and others like her.


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