Holly Hedge Bristol

13 cats found in warehouse

Our residents are all still loving lockdown and having a very quiet Sanctuary! For the dogs it means less people walking by so they are barking less – though of course they are missing their regular volunteers. We have lots of pending adoptions we are working through, and I have attached a picture of one of our newest residents.  

We also rescued a colony of 13 cats living in a warehouse in horrendous conditions, there are about 8 kittens and the rest are adults, we have gone back twice to check we have got them all, adult cats will just keep breeding otherwise. I think it’s the most awful conditions I’ve seen animals living in, but they are safe, clean and happy now with full tummies! I’ve attached a few photos of the horrible warehouse (you’re welcome to skip) and a few of the cats in our cattery. They’re quite shy and we are working hard to gain their trust, but we will get there. 


We have rehomed 33 cats since the start of lockdown, which is really good as it makes space for us to help even more. We’re matchmaking people to cats, without visiting the Sanctuary. We know it is off putting for some people who want to meet the cats first, but we haven’t had a single cat returned to us and have only heard glowing reports of them settling in beautifully.  Stay safe Hannah.


Adopt one of our residents – it makes a brilliant Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary present. Or adopt for yourself and come down and visit your adopted animal and their friends any day between 10am and 3pm (2pm in Winter). For a donation of £15 we send you a letter from your animal, a personalised certificate and a special photo. All of the adoption money you donate goes towards the day-to-day costs of looking after your horse, pony or donkey (or mule!)


Parties are great fun and very, very popular with all who attend. They run for 2 hours and include: various pony-based activities/games meeting the ponies ‘hands on’ grooming (brushing and plaiting) them time for party food and cake (which we ask you to bring with you) in our visitor centre a free pony adoption for the birthday boy/girl A party is a donation of £95 for up to 12 children or £50 up to 6 children. We can also organise Hope Pastures’ party bags with horse-themed goodies if you wish.

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