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Tabitha - Holly Hedge Sanctuary – Bristol


You are an angel! I have just been advised today of your £500 donation, thank you so much! On Thursday last week we took in a heavily pregnant stray cat, Tabitha, a very sweet girl two of our regular volunteers have been trying to trap for two years now, but finally managed to! We think as people have been staying in more her regular feeders have stopped, making her a little more brave and desperate. She has had two litters previously, but this one will be her last! She relaxed as soon as she arrived and has turned into a total lovebug. Just 4 hours after she arrived she went into labour – demanding strokes and tummy massages throughout! 

She gave birth to two boys and a girl, and they are all black and white and black -which are always my favourites as they’re the ones most often left in shelters – I just think they’re such great characters. They don’t yet have names, because we have decided to do things a little differently this year and try to ensure our supporters continue to feel like they’re at the Sanctuary with us by posting up lots of videos of our kittens and mama cats, by having a virtual Kitten Shower! We’ve just asked our supporters to suggest themes and names, the themes help our cattery and reception team communicate about them and prospective owners. 

Thank you again for you all do, means so much.

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