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It’s so sad when you visit these Rescue Centres and hear the awful stories of how animals are mistreated and see horrible things on Facebook and you wonder why people are so cruel and unkind to voiceless animals.

Now with a new prime minster about to be elected and an *out* vote in the referendum, means everyone will spend less for a month or so, with all the uncertainty going on, this puts our Rescue Centres under even more pressure..


When the existing trustees took over the running of the sanctuary in 2004, the site was dilapidated, scruffy and very unsafe. Since then much effort has been put into improving the site, both for the animals and our visitors, and we’re pleased to say that today we have an attractive, welcoming environment, where you can visit and spend time with the animals in safety and comfort. Our visitor centre opened in 2012 and this enables us to run lots of group activities and to provide refreshments and information for visitors when it’s open to the public at weekends.

We’re continually improving the sanctuary, with our most recent developments being a wheelchair-friendly walkway to the top fields and improved signage to help you find your way around. We’re also introducing more fun activities and things to do while you’re here – so pop in anytime we’re open (everyday 10am-3pm; 2pm in Winter) and see what we have to offer.

Emaciated horse
Horse recovered


Adopt one of our residents – it makes a brilliant Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary present. Or adopt for yourself and come down and visit your adopted animal and their friends any day between 10am and 3pm (2pm in Winter). For a donation of £15 we send you a letter from your animal, a personalised certificate and a special photo. All of the adoption money you donate goes towards the day-to-day costs of looking after your horse, pony or donkey (or mule!)


Parties are great fun and very, very popular with all who attend. They run for 2 hours and include: various pony-based activities/games meeting the ponies ‘hands on’ grooming (brushing and plaiting) them time for party food and cake (which we ask you to bring with you) in our visitor centre a free pony adoption for the birthday boy/girl A party is a donation of £95 for up to 12 children or £50 up to 6 children. We can also organise Hope Pastures’ party bags with horse-themed goodies if you wish.

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