Juliet the Horse

Juliet the Horse – Hopefield Rescue

Juliet after

When Juliet arrived at Hopefield she was just skin and bone, riddled with worms and in a terrible state, somebody had even thrown bleach on her which had burnt her skin badly. This is one of the most horrific rescues we’ve had through Hopefield. We started intensive treatment and she slowly got better and has now grown into the stunning horse you can see at Hopefield today. 

Sadly Juliet’s bad luck didn’t end there, whilst out enjoying a sunny day she caught her eye on a branch and ruptured her eyeball- we rushed her to the vet but the eye couldn’t be saved.

However she has now fully recovered from her ordeal and is loving life at the sanctuary. She has formed a special bond with one of our dedicated staff Georgia and the love is reciprocated!

A real happy every after story

Juliet before
Juliet after

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