Margot’s Story

Teckles Rescue Centre

Our long-term rescue resident Margot (GSD) has been with us for some time now and has recently suffered from lameness in her back leg. After some investigations she has now had x-rays which have been sent to a specialist. The specialist has noted an abnormality with her ankle joint. They are currently unsure what this abnormality is, possibly a fracture to a small bone in the joint but they cannot confirm this without a CT scan.

Our veterinary practice has quoted £1200 for the CT scan. This will cover everything including the specialist needed to determine what to do with the results. Our vet has contacted the specialist he recommends (for specialist leg surgery) to get an estimate for any possible surgery but has said he would likely to not be able to quote until they can determine an actual diagnosis. We cannot do any surgery without the scan.

Margot is a very energetic girl who is struggling in a kennel environment. We are trying to keep her calm in her kennel in order to rest her leg with plenty of enrichment to help keep her occupied. We are hoping that with assistance from your grant and public donations we will raise enough money to fund her treatment.

Once she has received her diagnosis and surgical treatment, we can then find her a foster home for quiet rehabilitation to recover. Wetnose Animal Aid will be sending a donation to help with the £1200 CT scan bill, if you help please with a donation please give to the lady in the shop. Thank you

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