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Milo the cat

Meet Milo, he was an emergency intake into HappyCats Rescue in August 2018. He was only 2 years old and was due to be PTS as his owners could not afford his treatment. Milo had gone missing for about 10 days when he finally crawled home. After his owners took him to their vet and were told how bad his injuries were, they elected to PTS. Luckily for Milo an angel was looking down on him. A family friend contacted a supporter of HappyCats Rescue. We were asked if we could help and of course, how could we not. We agreed we would take him if they would agree to hand him to us. It took 48 hours to persuade them, so on the 23rd August at 8.30am he arrived into our care at our vets.

The x-rays showed he had a very badly broken pelvis which would likely need specialist orthopaedic surgery to repair (not that we knew this at the time). Once we saw the x-rays from their vet, we understood the extent of his injuries. We made the decision to put a referral in to a specialist orthopaedic vet to get this sorted. His pelvis was completely unstable so needed repairing urgently. This break had likely happened about 2 weeks earlier so had been unstable all that time. He was on high pain relief and crate rest so we were doing all we could initially.

X-ray showing damaged pelvis

Milo’s pelvis was repaired at the specialist vet and he was also neutered for us at the same time. The pelvis repair went well, but due to the timeframe his hips were left damaged there was some nerve damage. Time would tell if this would repair itself, but without the operation Milo stood no chance of living. Milo spent weeks on crate rest and slowly over time his leg and nerve function started to improve. His recovery was a long battle, with ups and downs. At 6 weeks the repairs were looking good but part of the bone was still not fixed and part of the plate had broken and 1 screw had come loose. We could start to increase his exercise on a lead but still keep him crated. We were to do this and go back in 3 weeks to see how things were doing.

X-ray showing repaired pelvis

On the 15th October Milo was officially signed off from the vets and we could look to rehome him. That was the easy part as Milo’s new mummy had already fallen in love with him and was just patiently waiting for him to be well enough to go home with her. Milo was happily rehomed to a lovely lady who helped care for Milo during his initial recovery at the vets and fully understood his needs for the future. His future was still pathed with ups and downs but his new mummy adores him and he is now looking so happy in his new home. He has been on an off pain meds since leaving us with residual nerve pain, but he is improving still and he is defiantly a happy content cat in his new home.

Milo the cat recovering

Without HappyCats Rescue offering to help this young man, he would not be here today. We never knew the journey we would start with him, but every step was worth it and we would do it again for another cat.

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