Nemo - Carla Lane Sanctuary in Liverpool

Nemo the kitten

Little Nemo was handed in to us last Saturday as a stray found in a garden. We guessed he was only about 4 weeks old and weighed 8 ounces (my last foster kittens weighed 13 ounces at 3 weeks), so was severely underweight. He had a big sore on one back leg, which was quite smelly, and the other leg is severely deformed and bent under his body, impeding him using his ‘good’ back leg. He did face certain death until we took him in and gave him round the clock care.

Nemo at vets

He is now in foster care with me, on 2 hourly feeds, and he went to the vet on Tuesday and the vet was at first very concerned for his future. He gave me some antibiotics for the wound and I was to return on Friday. On Friday he weighed 12 ounces! 50% increase in weight. The wound on his leg is healing nicely. The vet was so pleased with his progress that he made a little splint for Nemo’s deformed leg. This is with the intention of attempting to save his leg. There is a less than 50% chance of this being successful, but the benefit for Nemo is that he can now use his other back leg properly, is moving about well and gaining strength in that leg. He has been a little star and completely unfazed by the splint. I am so proud of this little man. I am telling you all this so you get an insight into how hard we try to help and rehabilitate all animals in our care. This does have the effect of giving us spiralling vet bills that we have to do an awful lot of fund raising to cover. Nemo’s bill will probably run to £500 if we need to amputate. This month’s vet bills are just over £12,000. Nemo after many months of treatment and care has a new and loving home and is 1 year old, love happy endings.

Nemo playing
Nemo with 1st Birthday cake

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