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We are currently trying to raise funds for a specialist eye operation that’s needed on 2 of our kittens. We are desperately trying to raise the funds needed, which we have raised part, but still a way short of this.


He has quite a mild coloboma with a reasonable pseudo eyelid margin on the Left eye. We need to remove some eyelashes by cryo but otherwise I expect that eye would be OK without reconstructive surgery. I have stressed that I cannot guarantee this but I am reasonably certain that he will be OK. There is no corneal damage as seen with the slitlamp.


He has severe upper eyelid colobomas in both eye missing over 50% of the eyelid margin. He also has persistent pupillary membranes in the Right eye corneal neovascularisation laterally in both eyes. In Casper’s case I would recommend we attempt reconstruction of the eyelid margin by a Lip-to-lid transposition. This procedure while not an absolutely guarantee success should have a reasonable chance to restore normal function to both eyes. The Cats recue will Email us for a quote for both cats

Casper: £ 5-5.3 K for both eyes done at the same time

Charlie: £ 750 – 850.00 for cryo surgery

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