Time to Cuddle a Cat

Time to Cuddle a Cat

As lockdown increases across the UK, Wetnose Animal Aid, now in its 20th year of helping the smaller Rescue Centres, is asking people to consider adopting a cat or kitten from a rescue centre, and welcome it into their life.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger, CEO of Wetnose Animal Aid says, ‘Animal rescue centres have been inundated with new cases over the last few months, and they haven’t been able to find new homes for them. To make things worse, they have seen their income dry up and they really need our help.’

Wetnose Animal Aid is doing all it can to send money, food and equipment to the rescue centres that are struggling to cope in this current crisis. Andrea has this positive message to add: ‘We have seen the difference our donations can make. Some cats are in a terrible state when they come into care, you might think they had used up eight of their nine lives, but they are given every chance to find happiness. The rescue centres do a fantastic job of healing their bodies, and healing their minds too. The cats come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and characters – they all just need someone to love them.’

Rescue centres offer a ‘matchmaking service’ to ensure you find the right cat for you; whether it’s a laid-back lap cat or a playful puss. Best of all, cats can sleep happily if you have to work or go out for a few hours during the day, but will always welcome you with a joyful purr when you come home. So if you have the time and love to give supplies, please donate via our website or by post. In Norfolk alone 4 Cat Rescue centres have closed down, we need more centres not less.

Cheques too: Wetnose Animal Aid Ltd, 2 Wells Terrace, Bungay Road, Stockton, NR34 0HR 

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