Vernon’s Story


Vernon was about a week old, when he was found by a dog walker who heard him crying in some bushes. He was taken to a local veterinary practice, who put the little chap in an incubator to warm him up. The staff there fell in love with him straight away, but asked us to take over his care as hand rearing such a tiny kitten takes a lot of time and commitment.

Vernon wasn’t very keen on the milk supplement to start with, but after starting him off with a syringe with a teat on the end, he was soon saying, “okay I like it after all, give me more!” He was having small feeds every hour (night-time too) for the first 24 hours. I needed matchsticks for my eyes after a week! But as he grew stronger and hungrier the feeds were gradually spaced out.

He went to his new home with one of our other kittens who he bonded to, and they are now much loved family members.

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