Wag Wins UK

Wag Wins UK is baking some lovely biscuits for our lucky dogs at our event in London on the 3rd May.

Wag Wins UK

Wag Wins believe it is about time to celebrate events and special occasions with human & hound together in union as equals. Dogs may be referred to as ‘pets’, but at Wag Wins, we consider them as ‘part of the family’. Our handmade treats are designed as two similar, but different menus – one for humans, and the other for dogs.

Both human and dog menus offer handmade treats and seasonal specials. All human treats are moorish and lip-licking yummy, whilst all dog treats are equally yummy, but avoid using any lngredients that can cause harm to a dogs digestion… so for our dog treats, we use ingredients that benefit the dogs health to help them live a long happy life.

All lngredients used by Wag Wins are sustainably sourced to support other small bussinesses that are ethical and local like ourselves. That way, there really is no excuse not to treat yourself and your
dog with something from our yummy menu – the way we look at it is basically guilt-free pleasure! What’s more, our treats are bound to make your dogs tail wag and put a smile on your face.

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