Wetnose Spring Party


Wetnose Spring Party 2018

Wow, I am so overwhelmed today after a fantastic night last night. So many supporters came to support Paws2Rescue and Wetnose Animal Aid at our spring party.

With a million people to thank, I apologise if I miss anyone, because every single person there, and supporting our work needs a mention.

First, to thank our most amazing Wetnose Warriors – Amanda, Jackie, Helen, Deanne, Zillah, Gill, Margaret, they work so hard in our shop and our admin volunteers, can’t thank you enough you truly are the most amazing and dedicated people I have ever met. I could mention you all, but it would take another huge post to tell you how I feel about you all, so I will just say I truly, truly love you all.

Thank you to Angela and Martin Humphrey, who have supported Wetnose for years and Francine and Steve Fletcher, To our patron Wendy Turner Webster who has supported us for years, Ambassador TV actress Vicki Michelle, our PR guru and dear friend Karin Ridgers and also our dear friend actress Lorraine Chase, to thank our other ambassador Anneka Svenska who help make and edit our film clip for the evening with Ellen Hope.

Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests
Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests

Thank you to so many others for their wonderful support my second sister Karen Chamberlain you are simply “gold”. I have the hugest respect for you. Aleah Leigh you are one in a million. Jackie Talbot you are the best organiser in the world and I love you special lady.

Special thanks to Phil Lassman you were an amazing compere and made us all laugh whilst you helped to raise so many donations too. Thank you and Ira for your support and for being lifesavers to so many dogs of your own too.

Rob Groves it was lovely to meet you and thank you for your support for Wetnose, to Pete Wickes for your work in highlighting animal abuse in the dog meat markets and for your support to Paws2Rescue.

Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests
Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests

Adam Hunter for your filming highlighting the plight of animals and for making us smile, to lovely Keith Squires for his continued support and wonderful cooking prize, well done Vicky for bidding this great prize. Michelle Clarke, your work here in the UK is jaw dropping and for your support of our work, Gary Edwards we missed you, and thank you for your endless support, Pippa Langhorne who couldn’t be with us, but is a very special lady.

Yoshi Bunce Kawaiigashi for you’re never ending work in Peru and for supporting Wetnose as well, to Mary Garland for your support, attending all the protests and Sarah Robinson what a fantastic lady. So pleased to meet Nicky Stevens again from IAPWA amazing work being done in Burneo. To lovely Michaela Hutchinson from charity RANA who help animals in North Africa, so great to network and put people together.

Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests
Wetnose Spring Party 2018 guests

Also special thanks to all the companies who helped support the evening with hampers and food, Lintbells, Pet Remedy, Hoot Cakes, Evergreen Insurance, Lily’s Kitchen, Frank & Jellys doggie hamper, and gorgeous Puds from Pudology. Weavers Spa, Y Spa, Reef Spa, Special thanks to Sonya for our lovely vegan meal from Eco –Cuisine, everybody said who nice it was.

To everyone I have missed mentioning, I am sorry if I didn’t include you here, and to every single one of you who came last night, I cannot thank you enough for your support of Wetnose and Paws2Rescue and for raising awareness.

No time to sit still got plans for next year’s event already, would love to have sponsors? Any offers.

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