Winter Storm Damage

Bodmin More Pony Rescue – Winter Storms:

Winter Storm Damage

Disaster has struck once again! After the devastation of losing our field shelters last winter within a couple of weeks of installation we appealed recently for help to resurrect them once more & with overwhelming support a team of volunteers got together to make this happen for our little charity & it’s residents. Not even a fortnight later, with the onset of Storm Alwen we have once more lost both field shelters within minutes of each other!

Again, we are completely devastated, with winter upon us & the glimmer of hope that we could give our ponies a dry roof overhead it has now been ripped away from us once more. We are such a small cause & are so often overlooked when it comes to support, we were so lucky to have had these structures funded to the cost of £4,200 last year this new blow is just completely heart breaking. On top of this we will also now have to replace damaged fencing added to the usual worries of our running costs escalating because of winter which was concern enough with the impact that the Covid pandemic has had on our fundraising & regular donation income. As a 100% volunteer run charity we work so hard with so very little to ensure our residents receive the best of care & at this point it is truly soul destroying. So, we are here, cap in hand, asking that, if you can help us in any way, please, please support our appeal & help us raise the funds that we desperately need to replace at least one of our shelters & provide our ponies with everything they need this Winter.
Wetnose has given £1,000 towards the costs of a new shelter.

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