Venture Farm Cat Rescue - Norfolk


Cats at Venture Farm

These are just some of the kittens we have here, and we still have more coming in. We also have a mum with 8 young kittens, and another mum with 4. And to top it all off we also have a pregnant cat here too.

Whilst they are all very cute, it is also very sad that there are so many. Is this the price of the lockdown due to Covid, with little or no neutering being done? Who knows. All we do know is that we will have 40 kittens here and we are in October. It is more than likely that we will still have kittens here at the end of the year.

You might have noticed that some of these kittens have their ears clipped. This is because they were part of a trap, neuter, release. But they are not feral…….far from it, you can stroke them. They are shy and a bit untrusting at the moment, but not feral. They just need a bit of patience and tender loving care. We have already rehomed quite a few of these so called feral kittens.

Reason for this post?….we hate to ask again, but kitten food would be lovely if you have a few pennies to spare. Thank you again Wetnose for your support.

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